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193% Increase in Profitable Revenue Growth in 12 months

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  • Consumer Research
  • Growth Strategy
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Ecommerce & DTC Marketing
  • In-Store Retail Marketing
  • Paid Social & Digital Media
  • Public Relations
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Data Management & Analytics

Back Story

Greenworks Tools is a battery powered tool manufacturer offering customers anything from electric lawn and garden tools to electric snow blowers and go-karts. They are distributed throughout the United States in retailer locations like Lowe’s, Home Depot, Costco, Tractor Supply as well as directly online through their ecommerce platform.

For years, Greenworks worked to make a name for themselves in the competitive tool manufacturing industry. They were tasked with going up against the likes of DeWalt, EGO, Toro and Kobalt for retail space, brand affinity, and direct to consumers online.

However, despite some direct marketing attempts over the years, Greenworks was unable to obtain the brand recognition and, ultimately, revenue potential of their competition.


Marcore started by first understanding what Greenworks had tried, what worked and what didn’t in an effort to understand the full extent of their situation. Then, we performed a systems and data review and partnered with Google and Nielsen to gain an understanding of their brand and category index compared to the overall market performance.

The results were clear - Greenworks was struggling to build brand equity and as a result, underperforming compared to their category.

We tackled the problem in 2 stages;

Stage 1: Brand Development & Audience Development.
Stage 2: Brand Activation and Performance Marketing.

Stage 1: Brand & Audience Development

We worked closely with Hyperquake, a trusted brand and audience development agency, to define the Greenworks brand, enhance their package design and define their target consumer.

Stage 2: Brand Activation & Performance Marketing

Simultaneously, we got to work on developing an approach to both validate Greenworks as a brand as well as reach these new found audience segments in a way that would drive both in-store and online sales.

We focused on a few key areas to increase brand recognition while focusing on customer acquisition and retention marketing.

  • Influencer marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Public relations
  • Paid social & Digital Media
  • Retail marketing
  • Ecommerce UX
  • Lifecycle marketing


With the category seeing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6% from 2021 to 2023 -

Greenworks saw
increase in revenue growth during this same time period.

With Greenworks' newfound brand identity, a tried and true marketing activation approach, and a category expected to continue to grow at a rate of 6.52% reaching $55.81 billion by 2030, Greenworks Tools is just getting started!

While our largest retailer’s other product lines were declining across the board, MarCore’s strategic approach enabled our product lines to produce record growth. It’s digital black magic!
Mark Sewell
Greenworks | Sr. Director of Marketing

Paid Media & Social Media

Social and paid media efforts provided a hyper target approach to reaching our target audience in the moments that matter This approach included

Retail Marketing

Our retail marketing strategy not only drove sales but also allowed for negotiation power of Greenworks retail product placement -

the combination increasing overall in-store retail sales by
Priority retail product placements
increase in Lowe’s
in-store sales
attributed store visits from advertising

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